What size air conditioner do I require?

Every room, office space and home is different, so we recommend that you contact our licensed contractor to provide you with the most effective options available to you.

What is a Split System?

Split systems are a quiet and effective means of heating and/or cooling.

Split system air conditioners are usually reverse-cycle, so can both cool and heat a room or area of your home or office space. They consist of an indoor, wall-mounted unit that blows cool or warm air around the room, and an outdoor unit that gets rid of the unwanted air from the room.

A split system air conditioner is a refrigerative air conditioner that splits its components into two parts: an indoor unit, which contains the evaporator component, and an outdoor unit which houses the compressor and condenser components.

Contact Western Heating and Cooling to discuss the most effective make and model for your area.

Need Reliable Maintenance and Repairs?

Western Heating and Cooling are available year around to service your home and workplace in the Melbourne CBD and Western Melbourne suburbs.

Our qualified and experienced professionals have the skills and resources to repair and upgrade a large range of leading makes and models.

Our quoting system ensures you pay for the work done, not the time taken on-site.

For the heath and saftey of your family and friends please ensure you contact a registered specialist for regular servicing and maintenance of your elecrical, heating and cooling systems.


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We Care about you and your family environment.

We Care about you and your family environment.