Air Conditioners and Cooling Systems

Western Heating and Cooling specialise in air conditioner units, cooling systems and entire cooling solutions for your home and office.

Installed and serviced by qualified electrical contractors, Western Heating and Cooling work with you to ensure the most effective cooling systems are chosen and safely installed.

Common cooling systems for commercial areas include Cassette Split System Aircon Units. Photos of these works can be found below.

Recent aircon installlations include Solar Airconditioning Units, installed in residential properties and apartments. The Solar Assisted Split System Air Con Units are another cost saving option available on the market. 

The placement of internal and external components of your cooling systems can greatly affect it's operation, on-going costs and maintenance requirements.

Western Heating and Cooling are available to discuss system options, configurations and brand comparisons to ensure you receive the most appropriate cooling system for your space, lifestyle and budget. 

Split System Air Conditioning with PSM   Exterior Split System Unit   Roof Mounted External Air Conditioning Unit   

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We Care about you and your family environment.

We Care about you and your family environment.